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Carpet Cleaning

 What sets League City Carpet Cleaning apart from the competition is our professional equipment, highly experienced and Certified Technicians, and our care, concern, and appreciation for each and every customer. We truly value you and do our very best to give  you an  outstanding service.   We pride ourselves in our knowledge, great customer service, and expertise in the carpet cleaning industry. All of  our services keep safety as a priority, including setup of caution cones, a  sealed door to keep the bugs and lizards out and pets inside,  and free shoe covers for everyone! We always wear shoe covers while working in your home! League City Carpet Cleaning is a professional  carpet cleaning company in League City, and our carpet cleaners are five stars rated!

We are here to get your carpets CLEAN, period. No Hidden Fees. No Nickel & Diming. No Upsells

Whether you need a regular maintenance carpet cleaning service, or a deep restoration carpet cleaning service, we are here to make your carpets look their absolute best! Most carpet cleaning companies in Orlando will give you a low quote over the phone, but upon arrival the price will double. We provide you with honest, upfront pricing so that there are no surprises and the price doesn’t skyrocket when we come to your home for your appointment. No hidden fees, no nickel and diming, and no upselling.
League City Carpet Cleaning gives our customers honest, reliable, and trustworthy service.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Special

  • Carpet Inspection and UV Blacklight detection of stains not
    seen by the eye
  • Pre-conditioning treatment of all stains
  • Enzyme pre-spray with dust mite control
  • Microban sanitizer to help eliminate germs, dust mites, fleas, 
    ticks, & allergens
  • Carpet soil and stain agitation to break up soil if needed.
  • Unlimited spot and stain treatments for ANY type of stain*
  • Advanced stain treatments and overnight stain treatments
  • Free Deodorizer
  • 240-degree steam cleaning & extraction with professional, 
    truck mounted equipment
  • PH Neutralization
  • Free baseboard steaming to help remove dust from baseboards
  • Free closet cleaning on any standard attached closets
  • Free protective shoe covers
  • Free small furniture moving (upon request)
  • Non-Toxic, Child-Safe, and Pet-Safe
  • 100% Residue-Free carpet cleaning.
  • No soil-attracting residue is left behind; carpet stays cleaner longer
  • Fast-drying carpet cleaning process.
    No overwetting. Standard dry time 2-4 hours**
  • Air Mover assisted drying
  • High-traffic optical brighteners

*Carpet with Pet stains will require Extreme Pet Treatment with complete urine flushing and extraction to ensure all pet urine is removed. Click the Pet Stains & Odors Tab for more information. **High humity, thicker pile carpets, or heavily stained carpets may extend dry time. 
Standard areas are 200 square feet or less. Living/dining combo rooms = 2 areas.  $120 minimum if less than 3 rooms are cleaned.

League City Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning methods including 240 degree steam cleaning, hot water extraction carpet cleaning, residue-free carpet cleaning, high pressure deep steam cleaning, and fine fabric upholstery and Oriental rug dry solvent cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaning company also provides Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Repairs, Carpet Patching, Carpet Stretching, and professional tile and grout cleaning services in Orlando Florida and the surrounding area.


Carpets are still trendy after the invasion of tiles and other forms of flooring. They quickly light up space, but whether it’s the occasional stain or the regular pattern drawings from toddlers, your carpet will typically need a little bit of care. Many people worry about their carpet cleaning because the efforts that they have to put into moving the furniture around in a bid to get the carpet off the ground and to a suitable cleaning location.

Mud and dirt can build up on your carpet and so you need to pay attention to it. If carpet cleaning has ever stared at you like a daunting task, then our tips on how to go about it will be helpful. Whether it’s stubborn stains you are trying to get rid of or smell, these methods will be handy and will get your carpet shining in no time.


If you are washing your carpet yourself, these procedures that can be carried out at home can quickly get you on your way.

  • Clean your carpet with just powder


You can use powder as though it were a carpet cleaner. The powder is tough enough to remove the stains and smell. You have to know how to use it. Dust is the easiest way to go about your carpet cleaning. It works irrespective of the type of carpet you are using it on. Here’s what to do with your powder.


Sprinkle it generously over the carpet and leave it for a minimum of half an hour. If you can leave it over the night, that’s even better. The more time you allow the powder rest, the more time it has to go into the carpet and soften the stains and the odors. Vacuum the powder afterward.

  • Use carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo is a handy tool for cleaning your carpet. There are lots of brands that you can choose from, and when you want to use, you should follow the instructions on the labeling. Some brands might recommend that you should dilute the product with water. When applying to tackle stains and smell, pour enough of the shampoo over the area. Don’t get the carpet overly wet in the process; otherwise, it would take time to dry up. You can use a hard bristle brush to achieve this. Now, you can dry out the carpet. Vacuum the shampoo once it’s dried


  • Use a steam cleaner

It is tedious to move a steam cleaner from a rental shop to your house if you do not own one. Besides that, you will have to supervise your carpet drying if you choose the steaming approach. Making this easy for you is why professional cleaners like League City Carpet Cleaning are more suited for your carpet cleaning especially if you want your carpet cleaned with a steamer.


  • Use foam to get the stains out

Your shaving cream can be a proper stain removal. Spray it over the stain and leave for thirty minutes. Clean out the stain with a cloth. You can use do these regardless of the type of stain it is you are tackling. Make sure you test the cream on a little not too visible part of the rug so that you know the cream will not discolor the carpet.

  • Use soda to clean the carpet

Sprinkle baking soda liberally on the mat and allow it to stay on it for ten minutes. The baking soda will go to work and absorb the stains and the smell. Vacuum the carpet, and you have it come out clean.


It’s a little tricky to decide which cleaning method suits you best. The choice of whether to use soda, foam, steam cleaner or shampoo will depend on the thickness of the stain. Using soap and water alone will not get the stains out. When it involves improvement carpets, plain recent soap and water just aren’t getting to cut it, particularly if you’re addressing persistent stains, ingrained odors, or years of stamped in the dirt. Most people choose either carpet powder or carpet shampoo.

For old stains and dirt, it’s priceless searching for a good carpet powder instead of a shampoo if you would like to get it done fast. Shampoos will take hours to dry, making it impossible to use the carpet for a while. When you use powder, vacuuming is much quicker. Whatever carpet improvement product you utilize, ensure to browse the directions and follow them.

If you prefer natural products, you will find some everyday kitchen cabinet staples that work cleaning wonders. You can also use salt, soda water or tonic water to counteract occasional stains. Baking soda absorbs those nasty smells hidden within your carpet. Remember, once employing a new improvement technique or product to first check it out on a tiny carpet space.



League City Carpet Cleaning has all the tools that you need for cleaning your carpet professionally. We have high-quality equipment that will not miss the stains and dirt. Starting from when you contact us, our team of experts gets to work to make sure that you get a satisfactory job. Our schedule is flexible to meet your time preferences. Now, you can leave your carpet cleaning to the best cleaning company in town. League City Carpet Cleaning will make your carpets shine again, giving them a refreshing look and thus making your entire space captivating.

Allow the experienced hands at League City Carpet Cleaning to carry out your carpet cleaning while you go about your daily affairs. Our methods are tested and proven and highly professional. They are more effective than any home-based way that you will use in getting your carpets shining again. Contact us today to book your cleaning session. We would be glad to bring the cleaning difference and carpet solutions that you have never seen anywhere else.




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