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Have your tiles lost their luster and the grouts are filled with sediments? Contact us for a speedy service. We are specialists in tile cleaning, serving all residential and commercial buildings in League City, Texas for years.


Tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and floors accumulate impurities much faster than you can think of. If you inspect them closely you will notice that there are sticky dust particles that refuse to go easily. To cleanse such stubborn grime and dirt, we have trained and bonded workers who give unmatched results. Not only do we clean the grouts but also seal them to provide a long-lasting impact. Do not hesitate, or think twice, book us now to bring back the shine on your tiles.


Grouts are the gaps between the tiles. We use professional methods to remove the grime and dirt, deep cleaning the tiles, scrubbing them using powerful machines, polishing them and restoring their luster, and sanitizing the floors. We also take special care of natural stone floors, ensuring you that we retain their shine. Our professionals at League City TX Carpet Cleaning  are well trained to clean all types of tiles like stone tiles, natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. We are the best carpet and tile cleaning company in League City, Texas and we provide attractive offers to our customers. We have great feedback from our old customers but in case you face any problem after our servicing, our staff will revisit and solve your issues free of cost within 7 days.

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Slippery Tiles

Tiles become slippery after a long time of usage due to the accumulation of microscopic algae or fungus. The formation of slime occurs generally on bathroom floors. Mold growth is also quite common. All of them are risky and might lead to unforeseen health issues and injuries. We are here to remove the slimy layer of the tiles and bring it back to the same condition when it was first installed. If left untreated the condition of the tiles can worsen and the expenditure to restore it will rise. Why take the burden of hurting your back and doing it on your own, when you can hire us and get the cleaning, sealing, polishing, and sanitizing done in one go.

Water stains and soap scum cleaning services

We use a lot of water daily in our bathroom but have you ever noticed a thin white film of sediment on the tiles of your washroom? These occur due to soap that accumulates over time on your bathroom tiles. If the iron content of your water is high, the bathroom tiles also turn yellowish. We apply a non-toxic cleanser to remove it without harming the surface of the tile. It is nearly impossible to get the perfection we give without any professional help. So, it is advisable to seek professional help for such tile cleaning services.

The Steps We Follow

  • · Firstly, we apply a non-alcoholic cleanser on the affected tiles to remove the stains and the grime. It is safe for the tiles and removes the oil and dirt too.
  • Our Professionals work the cleanser up to the grout with brushes and cleanses the buildup of the impurities.
  • Our technique is one of a kind as we clean the grouts by steaming them with hot water and high volume suction using powerful tools and machines.
  • After a thorough cleaning of the tiles, we use a penetrating sealer to seal the tiles and they retain the luster for a longer time. After sealing, the tiles will maintain a clean look and the pores will be sealed which will make their shine durable and long-lasting.
  • After we clean and seal the tiles, it is important to note that the seal should be given a minimum of 24 hours to dry properly. The area should be dry and walking lightly in that area is advisable so that the seal does not come off.

Benefits of Tile Cleaning In Home

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A more appealing and an attractive home.

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A safer home because of lesser number of bacteria and viruses


A much healthier environment for smaller kids, toddlers and old people

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A healthier diet because a clean environment


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