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We clean upholstery for commercial and residential properties.A dirty upholstery doesn’t look good on your property. They make a bad impression on guests and ruin your mood when you use it.

Best UpholsteryCleaning In LeAGUE cITY, tx

Proper maintenance and cleaning is always the way to go when it comes to increasing the aesthetic value of your upholstery. No need to throw away your few years old upholstery just because it has become a little dirty. You can completely transform the look of your upholstery and make it look brand new when you get it cleaned from a reliable place. We have cleaned upholstery even in the worst conditions. No matter how dirty, rugged, or bad condition it is in with proper cleaning you can rescue it. We can clean all your expensive and or not so expensive upholstery. No matter if you have leather upholstery, velvet, tweed, tartan or any other fabric, we can clean it.

UpholsteryStain Removal

Upholstery stain removal is one of the most difficult tasks. The stains from food particle, drinks, or any other material may be hard to remove. You can’t really use home remedies if you don’t want to ruin your upholstery. Your expensive upholstery deserves professional stain removal removal services. Along with overall cleaning, spot stains can be removed by using cleaning agents and buffers that remove the stubborn stains no matter how old it is. We have removed stains from upholstery from commercial and residential properties and have been highly praised for our quality stain removal services.

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Upholstery uRINE Cleaning

Pet accidents are common especially if you have dogs and cats that are not yet trained to use their litter box. Urine stain and smell is a devil. It can linger even after you use harsh chemicals. The right kind of solution and right cleaning technique is the only way to get rid of the stench. The good thing is we specialise in upholstery cleaning and removing in pet urine from it. With proper equipment and technique we are quick to remove the stain and smell of pet urine.

UpholsteryOdor Removal

If your upholstery is smelling weird it might be due to dirt or mold growth. Proper inspection by experts can reveal what is causing the smell and remedy it subsequently. We have tried and tested methods of removing bad odors from upholstery. We use non-toxic chemicals that don’t harm your upholstery in any way and clean it to remove the odor.

UpholsteryDry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is an effective way of cleaning your upholstery without using water or any other damaging technique. We use a cleaning solution that doesn’t seep into the upholstery fabric. Using microfiber cloth we can clean it thoroughly.

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